Friday, July 25, 2008

moving to Zé's

I went to the bank this morning. Apparently, the "problem" with my debit card was fraud.
Or at least they thought it was... I bought an airline ticket to go on holidays and they though someone was using my card to do online shopping. They could've at least called to confirm, right? But no. They blocked the card under the suspicion of fraud...
Last year when my card was cloned and someone withdraw 35000 jamaican dollars with it, the bank's fraud department didn't do anything. They didn't find odd that someone would get cash out of the machine in London and one hour later in the Caribbean with the same card... not suspicious at all.

Tomorrow's my last day in Ealing.
If only the flat was as clean when I moved in!
I moved to Zé's where I'll be staying 'till I go home.
Zé was very kind in letting me stay here. I shall make some profiterolles in a day or two.

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