Saturday, July 26, 2008

the keys and lots of things I did today

Today I woke up and thought "What a silence" and then I realized I was at Zé's.
I don't think I ever told here but behind my old flat's back garden they were building a massive building. So, every day at 8:30am, the noise would begin. After a few days I got used to it. But it sure makes a difference to come to a place with no building sites nearby.

So I woke up, chatted with my mum on msn, had my breakfast, shower, and then went to Ealing to return the keys and witness the "inspection" of the flat. The guy said everything was fine so now I hope everything goes just as well with returning my deposit money.
I left Ealing and went to the British Museum to see The American Scene - Prints from Hopper to Pollock. It was a bit disappointing. Not catchy at all. I love Hopper and I love Pollock but I didn't see anything from either one or the other. I left the room, had a very expensive brie and cranberry sandwich in the museum and then went to the shop.
It is very hard being in a museum shop and not being able to buy anything because my bags are already full. My luggage is already to heavy. I CANNOT BUY ANYTHING ELSE BEFORE I GO!!! and that makes me sad. It really does.
So, after the British Museum, I went down New Oxford Street, wondered around till I got to the Seven Dials where I bought a pair of earrings and a book. It's a tiny book. Won't take much space in my luggage case.
Before I got to the Photographers Gallery, I took a rest in Leicester Square. I realised I had never sat on those benches before. It was the first time I spent more than 10 minutes there.

To be honest I got lost again. Every time I want to go from Tottenham Court Road to Leiscester Square I end up in Covent Garden... I guess I like to walk more than I need to.


Restelo said...

Or maybe you just really like Covent Garden...
Muito obrigada pelas dicas e muitas felicidades para a tua vida em Portugal.

Wask said...

eu tambem fikei muito decepcionado com essa exposicao do British Museum!!! dois Pollocks e um Hopper sao manifestamente pouco para o hype que fizeram em torno da exposicao!!!!

Recebi o email sim senhora! :)