Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Countdown 6 days

I'm nearly set to go home. Only 6 more days to go.
My belongings were delivered today. My aunt was there to receive everything and make sure all the boxes were there. Thank you Titi!!!! :D
In the afternoon I called the estate agents' accounts team and learnt that my deposit money has been released! YEAH!!
Tomorrow's my last day at work, my mates are sad that I'm leaving and I'm sad to say goodbye to them.
I'm having a leaving-do, first at the office and then at the pub. Me and Hari are going to Southall to buy some (70) samosas, pakoras and jalebis for lunch. I will also buy a cake for those who don't like indian food.
Will post pics of the feast later on.

Just a note on the "glorious" unpredictability of the british weather.
Today at the office, one of the brazilian ladies told me "Is very hot, né? Is very quentji, hoji!"

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bruno e.a. said...

back to lusa land?