Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad Luck - Moaning

I am not a religious person.
Never believed in any god.
But if people ask if I believe in bad luck, I'll have to say yes.
There are a few things that only happen to me when I don't need them.
Tomorrow will be my last day in this flat. Meaning that I need to go to the bank and change my address... to Portugal...
Today I was trying to top-up my pay-as-you-go Oyster card (transports pass) and the machine kept saying that my bank card had not been authorized. So I went to another ticket machine that said the same thing.
I never carry cash... In my wallet I've got £1,50...
And now the damn card doest work! Tomorrow I need to ask for another card that will be sent to my new address !?!?!?!?!

Will someone tell me WHY, oh why did it die now!!!!???

Another thing that I'm very good at is having problems with the Royal Mail.
When I send things, they disappear and I need to send them again. It happened with a CD last week. And it goes both ways... I must have this "protective" shield against any correspondence.
The lens I ordered from Amazon hasn't arrived yet and was due today!!!


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Dave Hodgkinson said...

Just get a new Pas As You Go Oystercard. £3 deposit. I'll buy it from you when you're done, my daughter will need one :)