Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grace Solero, The High Society, Sons of Albion @ Metro, London

Grace Solero 4
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The High Society live at Blow Up Metro - London - 01
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This wednesday I went to a gig in Metro - London.
I first saw Grace Solero playing with her band. I met Grace over the weekend. In fact I had lunch at her place!
Grace has a great voice and you can se that she just sings naturally.
Her voice reminds of Skunk Anansie's.

The second band was very funny to watch.
They are called The High Society and their singer clearly wants to be the next Marilyn Manson but on the British Rock&Roll side.
He posed the whole time. The band is actually really good and they have lots of fun on stage.

The third band, the main band, were the Sons of Albion. Logan Plant, son of Robert, is the singer and he has a great voice as well.
The guitarist and the drummer are portuguese but I didn't have the chance to meet them. Some other time maybe.

Vasco was also there taking some pics and I'm very curious to see them. I bet they0re much better than mine.
This time I'm not that proud of my photos. I need a better lens.

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