Monday, March 24, 2008


Last saturday evening, I went to pick up Dave at the station.
When I got there I called him and asked where he was. "I'm outside of the station... oh wait I can see you." he said. In fact we were 2,5m apart, it wasn't that difficult to find me.
And then the cheeky bast*** said "Whenever I want to find you I just have to look for the bad hat. You always have bad hats"...
Yeah Dave, they are bad. But not a bad as yours HAHHAHAH :D

And in the morning we headed to Brighton.

Brighton is lovely, at least that part by the beach.
I loved walking on the pebbles, I even got my feet wet, even though my shoes were on. I was taking photos of the old pier when suddenly a tiny tiny wave came to remind me that I was too close to the water...


Dave Hodgkinson said...

Brilliant. Love 'em.

Wask said...

excelentes fotos, como sempre!!!
ate amanha!! :)

Restelo said...

Eu gosto especialmente da Bright!

fary said...

hi jojo! nice photos!