Saturday, March 29, 2008

I was challenged...

Wask sent me some homework to do...or a challenge as he said.
He asked why I have a blog and apparently I should ask a few more people (7 or 9) to answer the same question. And they should pass the challenge on the the next bunch of guys with blogs..

The Shade and Brush began when people started complaining that they couldn't read in Portuguese.
I also wanted to go back to the days when I had a graphic journal, I wanted to do a drawing a day and post it on the net, hence the name. It happens that I'm not that disciplined. I didn't post any drawing because I didn't do any. Or I did but I wasn't that proud of my drawing skills so I just chucked them in the bin.
Another reason to blog is that quite often I have to tell the same story to a lot of people back home.
If I write the news on my blog, people can say "Oh I read your blog yesterday" and I know that I don't need to tell the story again.

There are few habitués that visit this blog, they used to read Pastilha Elástica, my first blog.
I can't remember why I started blogging, I think I just wanted to add some text to my photos. Explain a bit what was going on...

And I leave the challenge to Dave, Celia, Zaka, Sodona Leide, Tiagum, Nuno Foros and jcachorro.

Thanks Vasco, for being a fan of my photos :D


Dave Hodgkinson said...

Well, when you have an ego the size of mine, it would be rude not to.

Restelo said...

É pena é que não postes mais... fotos e textos!

jojo said...

Restelo, a minha conta do flickr esta' CHEIA de fotos!
Ultimamente tenho andado cheia de trabalho e isso deixa-me sem tempo para escrever nada.
Mas agradec,o a preferencia :D
Vou tentar ser mais assidua mas nao prometo nada.