Sunday, November 25, 2007

what happens when one buys a 500gb external drive

Ever since I started to scan pictures and then bought my first digital camera that my computers turned into landfills. I say landfills because 80% of what I keep is rubbish.
Sometimes a photo-shoot is successful and all the pics are worth to keep but other times it's just crap.
Like when I go to concerts and stay in the last row but even so try to take some decent photos... I'm just fooling myself, really.
For a couple of months now, that my beloved MacBookPro kept complaining that was short of storage space and because everytime I load photos into the computer, I put another 2 gb of junk in the hard drive, I decided to buy a 500gb disk.
Two days ago I copied all the 160gb to the new thing and today I'm browsing the mac and deleting the so called junk.
While browsing, I sometimes find photos that I had completely forgotten about them.
Like the set I shot the last time I went to the building where I grew up and lived my whole life.
One year or so after I turned myself into an emigrant, my parents sold that flat, and the place that I thought to be the safest in the whole world, stopped being my home sweet home.
Just before the new owners moved in I went there to take my memories, smell the place for the last time, and take some photos, of course.
Somethings you never forget but it's always better to take pictures. Even if you forget about them.
And today I found these photos of the building's lobby.
I pressed those elevator buttons millions of times. I remember of when I couldn't reach them because they where to high (or I was to short).
It's not a pretty lobby at all, it's and old thing from the 60's with marble floors and old mailboxes. But it was my home.
The pics are here.
I guess this is what happens when one buys a 500gb disk.
One finds lost memories.

que lamechice pegada... :D:D:D


Anonymous said...

Gosto. Muito bem feitas, com fluência e estética.

Wask said...

I do understand what you are saying. I left my home of 30 odd years to buy my own and then I decided to move to London. My parents then decided to move to my newly bought home and left the family building in Bairro Alto to rent. It is very weird to return to that familiar road and open that massive old wooden door into the hallway without feeling sad.

PS - Realmente n tinha notado que a rapariga da mala Chanel realmente parece a personagem do IT Crowd interpretada pelo Noel Fielding!!!

Zaka said...

As fotos estão muito fixes! Tenho que te enviar um bolo! A ver se me mandas (novamente) a tua morada para o mail! Sorry!