Sunday, November 18, 2007

this week

This week I did lots of things.
On tuesday, I went with Dave to Barfly to shoot two bands. Chthonic are a taiwanese blackmetal band and 3iob, Heavymetal from Canada.
I've already posted pictures of both gigs here (previous posts) and they were AMAZING!
I had so much fun! I always have fun when I'm taking photos BUT to shoot live concerts with GOOD music is a great pleasure! Oh, and I like it when the bands are playing in small venues. It's much more personal, I can be very close and try to really capture their moods.
Yesterday I went to see Arcade Fire, in a brilliant performance held at Alexandra Palace here in London. I was fortunate enough not to have my bag searched and my camera confiscated (it wouldn't be the first or the second time) and I did some photos but because I was in the middle of a huge dancing and jumping crowd, I don't have a decent set to show.

I'm finally updating my Myspace page, I still have no idea of how to change the layout but it's on my "to do list". a little help is appreciated.

Today I went with Pat to the ICS to see Blame it on Fidel, a remarkable movie about a french family in 1971. I reviewed many aspects of my childhood on that movie and I totally recommend it.

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Wask said...

excellent shots from Barfly!!!! It reminded me of when I was photographing all these thrash/black/death metal Portuguese bands back in the days!!!