Saturday, December 5, 2009

H1N1 is in da house = lots of photos to edit.

Me and my boyfriend got the season's flu, i. e. the H1N1 virus.
It affected us in different ways. He's throat got very sore, lost his voice, had fever for 3 days in a row. I got extremely tired, had some bowel "trouble"and very powerful headaches.
This made us really stay at home taking care of each other. We don't go out for anything because it's wet and cold outside and we could get worse AND we could pass it on to others which we don't want either.

During all this time I've been organising my millions of photos. I never get them printed because it would be to expensive but now I want to make some old-fashioned photo-albums. I'm so addicted to photos that not even in my flu misery I could take a rest. I started editing everything I had on my backup CDs.
I got round to a lot of photos I love and I found these three that are very special.

One day I moved to Ealing W5 (London).
It was a nice place to live and although my flat was crap and  had a smelly carpet, it also had 2 great windows that led to the back of the house.
I spent A LOT of time looking out of the window. I fell in love with the big tree that was so close I could touch the leaves and with the birds and squirrels that lived in it. I could also see the office were I worked.
I guess that having no TV to watch made me spend more time looking at what was going on outside.
One day my neighbors were having a party. With fireworks. I always thought that it was the dumbest thing to do, to play with fireworks in your own garden.
People can get hurt, can cause a fire, etc. Nothing happened this time but I was very woried they could set MY tree on fire.
Nevertheless, and as I said, I'm addicted to the stuff, I grabbed the camera and started shooting.

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