Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love fridays like this.

Last friday I went to Porto.
The trip to Porto (from Lisbon) can be made by train and takes approximately 3 hours. Some people like it, I just don't like trains.

But I went to Porto for a reason!
The bf was playing in Teatro Sá da Bandeira and I couldn't miss the concert for anything in the world!
SMIX SMOX SMUX opened the show. They're still newbies but they're quite good already!
The singer, Filipe Palas has a great sense of humor and the audience was *very* amused.
After they played, Mão Morta came to the stage and set the house on fire. Really.

Click here to see the whole set.


Zaka said...

Grandes, grandes fotos...
Quem me dera a mim, que a sua senhoria, um dia me tirasse assim uns belos retratos... porque pelos vistos... ando a falhar... ;)


Anonymous said...

muito boas, muito boas. gostei.

SpotlessMind said...

Muito boas fotos! Adorei o set!
Fez-me lembrar a altura em que o Blitz tinha bons sets de fotos ao vivo.