Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Err99 - the pronounced death of my camera

My camera is now sending me messages. It says that it's ill and needs new parts.
The "error 99" is known for being a generic error. Maybe the camera/lens contacts need some cleaning or maybe the thing needs a new shutter.

My next camera won't be an entry-level one for sure.

I'm ill as well. After two weeks with a stupid cold, I have now lost my voice.
I might send my tonsils along with the camera for repair.

1 comment:

Hugo said...

Tambem recebo de vez em quando este erro, e tu acertas-te a causa! Espero que ja tenhas limpado os contacts da lente a camera!
Infelizmente, o meu descobri que a minha lente ja tinha muitos anitos, e nao deu para reparar! :(
btw gosto imenso das tuas fotos de Lisboa.
bj x