Sunday, November 23, 2008


Went to Barcelos, in Minho - close to Braga, to see the b playing.
If you're English then you probably have been to Nando's and are familiar with the colourful rooster. Barcelos is the rooster's hometown. We had rooster for dinner there and it's AMAZING!!! Roast rooster stuffed with sweet chestnuts and roast vegetables + plums on the side. YUMMY!!
The dessert was an hour and a half of rock&roll at the local theatre.
The band - the usual :)the best!


Zaka said...

Os meus parabéns ao batráqueo, por conseguir conduzir, tendo tu os prezuntos de fora! :P

Zaka said...

Ah... e tu qualquer dia podes escrever um roteiro de viagens pelas terras de Portugal, para os bifes! :D

Zaka said...

E eu sou a tipa que dá erros ortográficos! :D