Friday, May 2, 2008

My iPod is immortal

I have such love and affection for my iPod that if someone ever takes it away from me I don't know what I'll do.

It happens a lot that I'm running for the bus or train and the damn thing jumps out of my pocket into the ground where it slides like a hockey disc for several meters.
It's all scratched and bruised but it still works perfectly.

Last wednesday, I was getting out of the train in Paddington to meet Fary in Kings+. It was raining a lot and if you know Paddington station, you will know that when it's raining outside, there are waterfalls inside.
So I ran out of the train to avoid taking a shower :D and the ipod slipped out of my pocket into a HUGE puddle of water.
It was completely submerse and stayed a while in there because people wanted to pass and I just couldn't grab it. It kept falling again to the water!!!
It was just like a (ipod's) bad dream! Oh no! let me out of here!!! I'm drowning, I'm drowning!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!

So I finally managed to rescue it. Unbelievably the thing still works. And now it looks even better because it had a bath! It's shiny!!


Zaka said...

Se eu fosse a ti escrevia para a apple e ofeecias-te para dar um testemunho... talvez te oferecem qualquer coisa! :P

Lua said...

Isso não é um iPod. Isso é um super iPod :)