Monday, May 5, 2008

Just by my doorstep

Walpole Park 2
Originally uploaded by Joana Saramago

Today it was summer here.
Nice sunny afternoon.
I went to the park just across the road with some monkey-nuts to feed the squirrels. Ok, go ahead! Tell me I shouldn't because they are killing the red squirrels blblabla.
I didn't want to stuff them with food for the whole year, I just wanted to take a few pics.
Funny enough, the crows love peanuts just as well!
By the fountain I saw tadpoles for the first time. At first I thought they were some sort of little lizards :D until a 4-year old kid asked her mom to see the baby frogs :D
Life is a learning curve!


Anonymous said...

É como se houvesse aqui uma fábula a acontecer

Biophysical said...

it is not a baby frog!!!