Saturday, December 8, 2007

cultural life

1. Jesus Camp
2. Breaking the Rules

1. I recommend the viewing of Jesus Camp.
I went to see it on ICA last wednesday with Pat.
It's a documentary about evangelical pentecostal americans that believe that the future of the USA relies on the "key-generation" i.e. their kids. I can't say that that camp brainwashes their little brains because they already are "formated" at home with their parents.
The purpose of that summer camp is to raise an army of soldiers of god, in the same way (so they say) the muslims do with their owns .
If they are taught from tender age to worship god (fanatically) in the same way they worship George Bush, then the world (usa) will be safe.
They are told that GLOBAL WARMING is nothing but a political issue and that science is a bad thing.

some clips of the movie are here, the trailer can be found on youtube.

I went today with Teresa to the British Library to see an exhibition called Breaking the Rules.
A reflex of the artistic movements of the beginning of the last century in the press and print industry.
if you are in London until March'08 and you like exhibitions, history of art (and politics) and books, then don't lose this opportunity to see rare and beautiful publications there in front of you. I never thought I would see a copy of Der Blau Reiter almanac and I did! :D


Zaka said...

Ó Joana... há dias tive cá a minha sogra a almoçar (como já leste no meu blog) e ela de repente começa a falar da sua peregrinação à terra santa (seca...) e no meio sai-se com esta história:

Ah... se as pessoas não tivessem vergonha de orar a deus e de demonstrar o amor por ele como fazem os muçulmanos, a igreja católica não estava na crise em que está e as pessoas seríam muito mais felizes se educassem os seus filhos, desde tenra idade, a venerar deus!

E olha que ela não foi ver esse documentário!

jojo said...

mas foi à terra santa...