Monday, August 23, 2010

July and August

A lot happened to me in the past two months.
Because I injured my leg, I had to leave my dance group and the rehearsals for the show.
So, that's two bad things already. The injury was pretty tough and I couldn't move my leg for a couple of weeks. I stayed in bed long enough to get to the conclusion that I'm not nineteen anymore, I never wanted to be a professional dancer, and the long I stay, the greater the odds of getting injured again are.
So the third bad thing is, I'm putting my beloved contemporary dance class on hold for now.
I love my dear teacher, I love my colleagues, it breaks my heart every time I think that I have made the choice of stepping out.
I went to the show as a mere spectator. I took only photos on the last stage rehearsal. I wanted to see the show as everyone else does.

A few days before this show, Jorge Ferraz Trio played in Nimas to release their first album. I was there to shoot it properly.
Then Mão Morta played a few gigs here and there, they played in Lisbon at the Optimus Alive festival and more recently at Paredes de Coura festival.

Between shooting gigs with an aching leg, I've been working lots at the magazine.
One of these days I woke up and switched on the computer to read the news and check the the weather. I read something about a submarine recently bought being very expensive to the country.
This vessel was due to arrive on that day. And then I got dressed, had something to eat and left to work.
I cross the river by ferry almost everyday. I had already forgotten all about this submarine story when I looked outside and there it was.
I took a few pics of it just for fun. And then I kissed my Canon G9 for being such a good girl.

I'm trying to post some pics here to go along with all this text but my poor old mac is giving up. The poor thing needs to be replaced soon!! It never let me down 'till now. It's so full of photos and software that it can't just cope with it any more. Lately I've only been able to use it to browse the internet and check my emails. It seriously needs to be formated and reinstalled.

Finally and just to end this post, I've decided to go back to school, I'll be studying photography for real, starting a 18 month course in October. I miss school, I miss being taught things.
And most of all I will be finally be studying photography, my favorite subject of them all.

You can see photos of the gigs I mentioned above in I will try to upload the submarine ones as soon as I can.

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