Monday, June 14, 2010

LX 9-6 #08 #09

Lisboa 09 de junho-9

Lisboa 09 de junho-8

After I took these shots a security guard came to me and told me in some sign language that I couldn't take photos in there. I was inside the ferry station, a place that's been full of tourists lately. I stood in the same spot for over 10 minutes, playing with the camera. Obviously I looked like a spanish/french/dutch/german terrorist and they thought I could harm the place somehow. The way I was approached was very funny. The guard came from behind and touched my shoulder. then I looked at him and he did this face of "my lips are sealed but no no, no camera, no camera". Even after I appologised in Portuguese, he kept communicating in his way...
strange people. At least he was polite and never asked to see the camera.

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fary said...

nice shots jo!
finally Lx has inspired you... :)
kiss from london