Thursday, June 10, 2010

LX 9-6 #02

Lisboa 09 de junho-2

I'm trying to bring this blog back to life. I feel I don't have the time to use the internet anymore and Facebook takes away all the time I had left for blogging. I guess I should just quit playing farmville and do more interesting things.
One thing I used to love in London was taking photos while going to work or back home. I always thought it's transports had this unique feel... almost every photo i'd take on the Tube, looked good (I said almost).
And that's very hard to get in Lisbon! Or I can't see Lisbon in the same way.
Anyway, yesterday I left work early and then I went for a walk in Baixa (downtown).
I took a whole bunch of photos and will post one every day.

This is photo #02 of LX 9-6.


Dave Hodgkinson said...

Get a self-hosted Wordpress site then! Nice themes, lots of gizmos :)

jojo said...

I've already got one.