Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's been a while....

It's been quite a while since I last wrote anything here.
The thing is, this winter was so long that I just lost any will to blog at all.
I'm like lizzards and turtles. If the sun is shinning, then I'm happy. If it rains like if we're in some northern european country, then I'm not and I just don't want to do anything else apart from what I already have to.
So just a quick update for my 3-month absence:
January: working a lot, dancing a lot.
February: working a lot, no fancy-dress parties for Carnaval, dancing a lot.
March:working a lot, two dance shows, new camera!!!
April: worked a lot so far, will shoot nice things with my new camera. Will buy some new photographic equipment. Will get out in the sun in short sleaves. Will go out more.

And now, some photos:
In March the class performed twice at the local theatre.
These photos are from a stage rehearsal. At some point I just thought that I couldn't let it pass without taking some pictures. So I grabbed my (new!!!!) camera and shot it.
I have to thank the girls that they are already so used to my presence with a camera that don't even bother to say anything. When I'm shooting them it's like I'm invisible, they're comfortable and they want to be photographed, so no-one does funny faces, they just dance. And I love them so much that I just want to take photos of them all.
more pics here.

excerto da Rainha flickr-1
excerto da Rainha flickr-3
excerto da Rainha flickr-8


fary said...

second one looks great! nice shots! now we want to see you in action!!

jojo said...

sorry fary, there's only one photographer in the group and that's me. I either dance or take photos... I haven't found a way to do both things at the same time yet. :D