Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bread and concerts

First of all, I'm sleepy so don't expect much of this post.

I recently shot two gigs.
One was of Mundo Cão. What a great band!
I went to see them in Leiria performing for the Fade In festival.
We stayed with them for the evening and had a great time.


The second band was Jorge Ferraz Trio playing at the Teatro Reflexo in Sintra.
So far, they've been playing in venues with low light conditions so the photos usually turn out to be crap, but this time the venue was pretty good. the floor was red and there were two ikea lampshades near the musicians.
the outcome was good I guess.

And the third topic for today is....
tada!... I bought a bread-maker machine! (Well my dad did, to be honest)

We tried it today and it's amazing! Very good in deed!
I did it according the recipe on the flour packet. It said to just add water.
Here are some pics:

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