Thursday, July 16, 2009

satanic readings - the forbidden book. for some.

i'm a bit tired. the day was exhausting today.
i'm working long hours everyday but I shouldn't complain because I like to work 'till late.
On my daily commute I've been reading this AMAZING book I bought more than a year ago in London. I'm addicted to it. it's magical. I find myself reading it in the escalators, walking on the street, whenever I can.
In order to fully understand the book you must know Londoners, hindu indians and muslims.
You should also be aware that some mythological characters exist is more that one religion.
There's a lot to learn from this book and if you don't understand bits of it, just google to find the answers.

I've heard about this book since it was written I guess. And I was always curious to know why there was a fatwah against it's author and publishers. I learned from wikipedia that people have already been killed for translating this book so I'm only posting links here. No names. We never know what kind of fundamentalist wackos are surfing on the web, do we?

You can buy it from amazon for a fiver and it's totally worth it.
You won't regret it.
I promise.

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SLZ said...

Lembro-me de o ler quando andava no IADE e as viagens de comboio, em pé, de manhã, eram todas passadas a ler mais umas páginas desse viciante livro.
Já falei sobre ele imensas vezes. Está na lista do que tenho que re-ler quando tiver tempo!
Até, imagina tu, que dissertei sobre ele numa aula do Tio há coisa de 2 anos!