Monday, June 22, 2009

working and dancing

Ok, I'm a bit tired and feeling sleepy but there are a few things i want to post here.
First of all, I'm working for/at revista Proteste.
It's a magazine that campaigns to protect the consumers rights. Something like "Which?" in the UK and a lot of others in Europe, Brazil, USA and Australia.

Second, Dave was here for a few days. He wants to buy Sintra and revamp Ginjal in Cacilhas. He also loves the weather here (who doesn't) and the sardines! Grumpy Dave did like a lot of things around here after all!

Third, the dance season is over, we had the final show this last saturday.
Dave was there do take a few pics.

The first ones I'm posting here are Sofia Tonicher's, she borrowed my camera and took a few shots during the rehearsals. The others are the ones Dave took during the show.
I've got to say that someday I'll be remembered as the one with a very mean face.
Nevertheless I must thank them very much for taking the photos. I never get to be shot and this time I was. :D:D

Tonicha's pics:

Dave's pics:


Tonicha said...

=P finalmente podes provar que fazes dança!!!

Ana Afonso said...

Sim senhora - que energia! fotografa, designer, bailarina... estou a ver que a dieta de proteínas resulta ;)
Parabéns pelas fotos -estão lindas.

Restelo said...

Muitos parabéns pelo emprego! As fotos da dança estão muito giras, mas estás realmente muito séria!