Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Me on TV - not this time

I was just invited to be on a tv show via webcam/skype. This one.
They said they were interested in me because I'm a portuguese photographer living and working in London.
Come on guys, you can do better than that! How about doing some homework? How about:
"Hmmm I hear that this girl is a portuguese photographer living in London, let me GOOGLE her name!
What?? she no longer lives there? How about that! I'm glad her life is spread all over the internet, otherwise I would've made a fool of my self! and by 'myself' I mean the production team!"


Anyway, It could've been my 4 minutes of fame via skype.

1 comment:

Restelo said...

a apresentadora chama-se Diamantina?!?!?