Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Priest is (was) back!

Yesterday I went with C. and F. to see the Priestfest.
For those of you that wave no clue of what it is, I can tell you straight away that it's not a church event.
It started at 7pm with Testament, then came Megadeth (GLORIOUS!!) and then the festival host, Judas Priest.
I was there to see Megadeth. Judas Priest is not my thing but hey, it's heavy metal.
I like the noise, the drums, the guitars... I don't like the singer, he changed outfits a dozen of times. Worse than Cher, believe me. In the end he even took a very noisy motorcycle to the stage.

As I only took my G9 to the gig, the photos aren't as perfect as I would wish.

(Dave Mustaine is still my favorite Dave. Sorry Hodg, you come second. :D)


Lua said...

Ahhh... Megadeth! Vi-os há tantos anos... umas saudades dos concertos em Portugal que nem imaginas :(

Wask said...

LINDOOOOOOO!!!!! nem acredito que foste ver e fotografar isso!!! o que nao dava por ter estado tambem ali... tens de me mandar umas quantas fotos para a minha coleccao :)