Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year.
I also wish that you're not hit by the crisis.
Don't spend all your money on plasma screens and game consoles. I'm sure your non-HD tv works just fine.
2009 is going to be a tough year. Be brave. Keep your job even if your boss is a pain in the neck.
Put money aside every time you can.
Shop for clothes only in the Sales (this goes to the TugasUK).
If you have a bank account in Portugal (or Euro zone) and another in England, transfer some money (now while there's almost no difference) to the english one and keep it there. The GBP will rise again sometime and your little euros will be big.
Smoke less or quit smoking, do some exercise, drink less, have more fun and be cool. Be creative. Do new things be artistic!... Even if you're an accountant and your job is boring, you can still be creative! Put some colour on your spreadsheets!

As for me, I'm starting 2009 with a new job, doing what I like. It's a fine 2009 start for me and I'm very happy!
I'm still half-sunk in the flu epidemics that has hit PT, but it's ok because people say my voice sounds like Demi Moore's. Apparently, it's sexy!

And now, I'm off to the kitchen to do cheesecake and brigadeiros. The party will be at Zaka's and according to her blog, she's also got the flu. :)

PS: DAVE, your pudding's just arrived!!


Zaka said...

Ontem lembrei-me que pela 2ª vez vamos passar o ano novo juntas.. com um intervalo de 10 anos pelo meio! :D

Beijocas e boa jornada na cozinha! :D

Giuseppe said...

So thoughtful :)
Glad i bought my hd in 2007.