Monday, November 17, 2008


This weekend was spent in Braga.
The boyfriend had a rehearsal there and I went along.
Braga is a small town in the region of Minho (Northern Portugal. I say "small" because you can go by foot everywhere. The town centre is clean and pretty, has lots of history related to the Catholic Church and has a church in every corner. A bit like every other spanish town I know.
Wikipedia has a fine discription of Braga, so if you're curious to know more, just go there.

While I was wondering arround, I found out that Braga's got a few poets.

"If christ would come back to the world made by his father, he would have to go away or he would be killed again"

"Give me wine to drink my love, water I cannot have, it has leeches and I'm afraid to die."

beautiful poetry...

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