Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Loonar Goupe

The last time I went to the Tate Modern shop I bought lots of stuff.
Stuff that I wouldn't find here in Portugal.
I bought a DIY paper pin-hole camera. For a camera, even a toy-camera I thought it was cheap so it went into the shopping bag very quickly.
It's the third DIY pin-hole camera I buy in museums. Life's hard, none of the other cameras worked well so as you say in Portuguese "Não há duas sem três" and I bought this one to give it another try.
It's a Loonar Goupe Hole-on Ex.
Today I put it together, it's not perfect but at least I didn't have to do *the* pin-hole.
It's hot an on/off switch and the lens is detachable.
Very posh for a paper camera.

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Mãe da malta said...

Ola Joana,

que pena teres ido embora, agora estou cá com o Filipe e os miúdos :p,

quando quiseres aparece, gostavamos tanto que nos fizesses uma visitinha :)

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