Friday, October 24, 2008

Lisbon (moaning about)

As I had an appointment today near Praça de Espanha, on my way back I decided to go by foot to Cais do Sodré. It was a lovely warm afternoon and I wasn't in the mood for public transports.
If you know Lisbon it might seem a long walk but comparing to the walks I used to do in London it's nothing. Those walks going from Marble Arch to Oxford Circus and then Piccadilly Circus and then getting lost in the Soho while trying to find to Covent Garden, were exhausting comparing to the walk I did today.
It's amazing how Lisbon's so small to me now.
I was hoping to take some pics, as some anonymous person suggested here in the blog, some Lisbon Postcards, but Lisbon doesn't seduce me in the same way that London does.
No doubt that if you have never been to Lisbon, you will love it, but where is everyone? There aren't any crowds in Lisbon. Not even of tourists. I like crowds, I like to see busy people going to work, shopping, or just walking... In London I could photograph random people in the crowds. I can't do it in Lisbon.
And the locals go everywhere by car. Lisbon is full of cars. Why can't people do as I did today?
Walk! Yeah, it takes longer but if everyone walked or took the bus/metro, the traffic wouldn't be as chaotic as it is and the shops would have people inside.
What's the purpose of a Louis Vuitton or a Mango shop in Avenida da Liberdade if no-one goes there?
The Mayor of Lisbon, or the Cityhall or whatever/whomever has the power to do this, should implement a congestion charge.
Half of the cars would be left at home, people would use the streets and where there are people, there is commerce. The shops would sell more, people would feel better because they'd walk more and on top of it all, the city wouldn't be as polluted as it is.
People would save a mini-fortune in petrol to spend in elsewhere... like in clothes! wouldn't it be GREAT??
The colours for the season this Autumn are Cyan, Purple and Orange (more like carrot). The colour I see every single portuguese person wearing are beige and brown. Complete Dullness!
And this WHY??? Because everyone goes everyone by car!!

I'm moaning too-much today.


Restelo said...

I used to walk from Olaias to Rato (or wherever I had to go), if the weather was nice (which usually was).
It hurts to see you're missing it here... But here it wasn't perfect either! Maybe you belong to a third city you haven't found yet?

Cromossoma X said...

Nada como voltar ao antigamente para dar valor ás contracurvas da vida não é? :)

Contudo, existe algo com o qual não concordo bem no que dizes...os Portugueses são talvez dos povos que conheço os com melhor sentido de moda e combinação. Nós aderimos ás cores - ó pra nós sempre a abarrotar a benetton, e somos fashionistas...somos. Não compramos sempre o casaco preto da loja...mas claro, a distancia já te molda a precepção...

beijinhos, fica bem querida,

SpotlessMind said...

como costumo dizer, depois de apanhar um comboio na linha de Sintra e o metro até à Baixa, Lisboa tem provavelmente as pessoas mais feias do mundo.

Talvez a zona de Alfama e os bairros mais antigos dêem boas fotos. Mas percebo o que dizes, não há como fotografar em Londres.

Joana said...

tenho de ir ai para andar nos caminhos de Lisboa=) first need some extra money;)