Saturday, August 2, 2008

more goodbyes

I love my new lens+uv filter.
I don't know why yet but this uv filter is much better than the other uv filter I have.
There is no purple fringing at all, now.
I'm very happy :D

Since I'm staying here in Twickenham with Zé, and this is a beautiful part of London that I didn't know, yesterday we went for a walk by the river and then we hired a boat.
Zé rowed A LOT (and against the current) . One of the many advantages of being a girl is that when you hire a boat, you don't have to row. Ahhh... lovely afternoon we had :D.
After that, we shoot off to central London where I had my farewell party.
I met with a few friends in Chinatown for dinner and then we went to Madame Jojo's to dance a bit to the sound of Rockabilly (1950's rock'n'roll).

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