Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Countdown and Deliveries

Countdown: 34 days

For those who haven't realised yet, I'm counting the days to leave London (and the UK) for good.
Since this countdown started, I'm been dealing with paperwork, bills, landlord, packing, getting ready to go without leaving things to do behind.
I created a blog to sell the things that I will not be able to take with me and most of those things are now sold.
My flat is completely full of boxes (Dave gave me a few and some more are due to come today), luggage cases and rucksacks, bubble-wrap and polystyrene.
The bulky things will have to go by land before, but I will still go by plane and due to luggage restrictions this must be planned to the most accurate detail.
So my dilema is:

1. I'll be working 'till the end of the month, I need office clothes for a month. What must I not pack? I will also need casual clothes and going out clothes. And shoes. Off course.
So, all this cannot be shipped along with the rest, will have to stay with me and will have to fit in the small luggage case.

2. Photographic equipment: How to take home all the cameras, laptop, hard-drives at the same time, without losing or damaging anything?

Before that terrorist threat a couple of years ago that lead into hand luggage restrictions (no liquids, only one bag for person) one could carry most everything one would like into an airplane. I remember when I moved to the UK, I brought lot's of stuff with me. I looked like the bag lady. I really did!!
But now, after 3 years accumulating stuff, I'm going back and all the fragile things will have to go with me rather than in the hold or by land.
I already had a good photographic rucksack but there was no room for the laptop. On the other hand, not every thing would fit there.
So I bought a new rucksack, good enough to carry the laptop, the camera and some more gear, all in a balanced way without hurting my back.
I bought in online at WarehouseExpress and I must say I'm very pleased with their service.
Do you know when you're expecting a delivery and the courier only shows up at 5pm?
Well this one was ringing my bell at 7am!!!!
And he had a huge box with him!!! Almost like Santa!!!
So I jumped out of bed and went downstairs to get the parcel, I ran up the stairs to open the parcel and then I put everything inside just to check if the laptop fit. and it does and i'm so happy!
So this dilemma is sorted.
Moving on to the next one.

I told my manager that I need to take the day off because I was waiting for a few deliveries.
I bought a moving pack (boxes, more bubble-wrap, tape) and that should be delivered today as well, although I'm guessing that they will only be here at 5pm...

And since I'm up since dawn today, I might just do something useful like, continue packing!

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Wask said...

cannot believe you are going for good!!! what hapened?
at least we get to see you at the picnic!!!