Sunday, July 6, 2008

beer fest. lunch in the park. pride.

Last thursday I went with colleagues from the office to the CAMRA Ealing beer festival.
I enjoyed it but I don't usually drink much, so 1/2 pint of stout was enough for me.
I chose a porter's chocolate stout. Not as good or creamy as the one I had in Dublin. It also had coffee and at 3a.m I was still awake.
I guess I should've had chosen something different.
There were more than 200 beers to chose from, mostly Real Ales and Stouts.
The next day I met Andréia (from Bordado Inglês) for lunch and we had our sandwiches in Walpole Park sitting on the grass. Silly me, I should've taken the camera.

Saturday I went to Trafalgar Square to see the Pride Parade. Not as busy as last year although the weather was much better. I saw lots of Amy Whinehouses and wondered if Amy had become a gay/drag icon like Barbara Streisand but V. said they were only joking...
more pics at flickr.


Deda said...

Olha a festa que eu perdi!
PS. achei o colar muito estiloso.

jojo said...

qual colar? o da foto?
e "estiloso" é bom ou é mau?