Thursday, April 17, 2008

who would guess?

My landlord obviously shops at Argos, just like me!
Where the cheap and quality-less things are, he goes!
There was a floor lamp in my bedroom, which I took to the living room. Yesterday when I was taking it back to the bedroom, the thing left the base behind and I had to fix it.
While the lamp was lying on the floor I noticed that the glass on the top was a bit "dirty"...
The lamp is taller than me, yeah had seen before that it didn't look clean as crystal BUT, I thought is was just dust. I mean, the thing has been here for ages...
Look what I found inside the glass shade.

Originally uploaded by Joana Saramago

So I took them out one by one with a pair of tweezers and took some pics of them.
Soon soon I'll post them here.


living in london said...

mas que bela coleccao encontraste!

Melões Melodia said...

olha que sorte, afinal tens um candeeiro que e insecticida - o verdadeiro dois em um.

Restelo said...

UAU! Grande variedade!