Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm loosing my faith on Marilyn Manson

I bought a few CDs this week.
One of them was Eat me Drink me by Marilyn Manson.
What a load of crap!
I always liked Marilyn Manson. I have all his cds, I even have stuff from the days when no-one knew who he was. I always thought that a Marilyn Manson CD was a good buy. Even without listening to it first.
Until today.
The CD is so bad that I will probably sell it on ebay before no-one wants it. Or give it to charity.
Everything in it is bad. The music, the lyrics, the theme... The theme is so EMO!!!! and the last two songs are techno-remixes of the worse song in the album!!!
Not even emos will like it.
And it wasn't cheap!!
I'm very annoyed!


Wask said...

eu desisti dois albuns atras!!! nao ha pachorra!!!


PS - que achaste das minhas fotos no flickr?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've changed adopted higher standards

jojo said...

or maybe Marilyn Manson is loosing it.
His last CD is really bad. really.

Zaka said...

Ainda bem que eu já não compro os CDs deles há algum tempo!

E sim... pelo que tenho visto.. já não há pachôrra mesmo!