Saturday, April 12, 2008


One of the reasons I like to shop at IKEA is that the furniture is really easy to assemble and the instructions are so clear and easy to understand that you don't even need to read anything.
I needed a desk. a cheap cheap desk.
I could've bought one in IKEA but the delivery would've been to expensive.
So I went to Argos and bought a "malibu desk"...
It just arrived. the delivery guy wouldn't bring it to the first floor so I had to unpack everything downstairs and bring the shelves and stuff by my self.
Once at home, I looked at the "instruction manual"...
I feel like I need to go back to Uni, to the technical drawing class!!
Why can't they do something simple like IKEA does????
Once the desk is done and the scanner is on top of it rather than still in a bag (since I moved in), I'll scan the damn thing and put it here.

The cheap, cheap, cheap 27 quid desk is this one:


Sofia said...

Igualzinha à que tenho aqui no quarto. Mas esta já estava montada. eheheh

Zaka said...

Pois... montar os do IKEA é como se de legos se tratassem... curto bués!

Mas... se calhar devias mandar um mail para a Argos (à anos que não me lembrava da existência disso... o meu pai é que me costumava comprar coisas aí quando eu era pequenina) a reclamar da incompetência dos seus "engenhêros"!