Sunday, April 27, 2008

Changes - new banner and BUY THE BOOK!!!

2 new things here:

1. new banner
2. new book

I was a bit tired of the old banner it had to much tungsten.
It was also a pic taken in a bus at night. I like the photo but changes are needed from time to time.
This new banner has a pic taken in a open-air tube station during the day. Mile End to be more specific.

The other new thing here is a Blurb badge thank links to my book The Tragic Story of the Dead Insects. You can buy it if you want. It's available in paper back and hard cover.
Check the badge on the right side of the blog for more details!


pedro figueiredo said...

the book link should be to blurb's store, not to the image :)

pedro figueiredo said...

oh i saw the badge now.