Saturday, March 22, 2008

private property, copyrighted images

From time to time I do an internet search for my name.
A few years ago, there were a lot more entries, genuine entries.
When my photos "Prazeres" were shown in a few places in Portugal, some newspapers published small articles about the show.
But that was a few years ago.
Today I decided to look for my name again. Since my last search 3 more people have "taken" photos from my galleries to put on their blogs. And they quoted my name, I don't know how many more have done so without quoting.

If you are reading this because I asked you to remove the photo from your blog, please do so.
If you didn't ask, you're not getting it.

Changing the subject, the weather here today is shit.
I've seen heavy rain, hail showers and sleet.
The winter has just started. shouldn't it be SPRING now???
Sunny and warm?
the shops are full of bikinis and beach towels...

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