Monday, February 25, 2008

not unplugged anymore!


Thanks to Dave, I now have internet! The dongle arrived today!
I'll be updating the blog more frequently now.

I wrote two posts in the last week or so and my intention was to take them to work and upload them from there.

Yesterday on my way home I stopped by HMV and bought two movies.
I bought Million Dollar Baby and Pollock.
While eating my Sainsbury’s microwave risotto, I watched Pollock.
I don’t know why, but I thought “Pollock” was a good movie that I had never watched.
I can now say that that it’s a good movie to watch when you have nothing else to do but even so you want to learn something about art and stuff.
I like the work of Jackson Pollock very much. To stand in front of any of his paintings is a life experience that I’m fortunate to say to have been through.
And I had Ed Harris in great consideration as an actor. I had no idea of how he was as a movie director and now I can say that I hope he’d stick with acting.

Today, Million Dollar Baby it is.
Another actor turned into director.


Million Dollar Baby
is a brilliant movie! We often kind of guess how the ending will be… but not with this movie.
I’ve watched it twice this week!
Clint Eastwood is a genius!
Today the chosen movie to watch is Belle de Jour.

Changing the subject from cinema to radio, I have recently started listening to XFM and I’m very pleased with it! I was already a bit fed up with Planet Rock…
XFM plays only rock&roll and some songs that the good-old SuperFM used to play 10 years ago and that I missed so much. Nirvana’s playing now.
Having a digital radio makes the whole experience much more worth it. I’m very proud of my little radio!

Oh, and soon, soon I’ll be borrowing Dave’s mobile internet dongle. Which means that I shall be unplugged no more! YEAHHHHH!

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