Friday, February 1, 2008

dinner set - silly girl

And there I was wasting most of my lunch hour in Marks&Sparks choosing some plates for my mini kitchen.
From a range of 6 sets that they had there, it took me a half-hour to decide which ones to pick.
And then I bought the cheapest set (of course), all packed up in a nice box.

I've been carrying the measuring tape in my bag since I started looking for a flat. I needed to make sure that everything fitted there afterwards.
And my friends who know me best, know that usually I'm good with this stuff. Moving, getting furniture, planing ikea kitchens, bossing around builders, making sure that all goes perfect.
BUT because I'm nothing but a SILLY girl, I now have 4 plates that don't quite fit in the cupboard.
The cupboard is so narrow and the plates are wider than usual that the door doesn't close.


Restelo said...

ok, isso é chato, muito chato... ou arranjas outro sitio onde por os pratos fazes um jantar à grega para breve.

Cromossoma X said...

Ola! :)
olha e que tal comprares aqueles dispositores para pratos verticais? acho que ha uns baratinhos no IKEA...

Zaka said...

Ainda bem que tinhas a fita métrica contigo! :roll:

Ou os arrumas noutro lado, ou tentar trocar, ou então cortas os gajos, assim de encontro ao chão, originando novos formatos de pratos mais pequenos! :LOL: