Thursday, February 28, 2008

the BT line saga

And here I am, waiting for an "engineer" to come from 8m to 1pm to install my landline.
I decided to call BT costumer service just to confirm again that they were coming today.
For the 456th time I was told on the phone that they couldn't place my order, they couldn't find the address, there was no reference number, blablabla blablabla.

The first time I called, they told me they couldn't find my address so I sent them a google map with an arrow pointing to the house.
Then, after stating "first floor" they asked me to confirm that this was a basement.
After being transfered from one call-center guy to another I was told that my line would be installed on the 28th Feb, today.

And with so much work to do in the office I stayed at home today waiting for the bastards (pardon my french) to install the damn line.
The lady on the phone today, told me AGAIN that my address didn't existed, etc etc and then I told her that I was SO upset with BT that I was going to ask for my £125 back.
5 seconds were gone when she said: "I found it! I found your order! Ooohhh! I'm so sorry! I found your order!..."

Apparently they don't process every order in the same way. Orders that are placed on the phone are easier to find than the ones done over the internet. Don't ask me why, I just think they are a bunch of incompetents..


Zaka said...

IUPIII... a incompetência não é um exclusivo dos fornecedores de internet em Portugal! :salta: :salta: :salta:

Melões Melodia said...

carissima, comigo a BT foi tao mas tao parva, que acabei por nao instalar a linha e vendime a internet Movel... e estou satisfeito... mais pobre mas mais dsatisfeito!

Francisco said...

Pelos vistos é como aqui a Netcabo :p