Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's 9.15am an I'm on my way to get the keys from the agency.
I guess I'm a bit anxious with all this.
I didn't sleep much this night. I had this never-ending dream where I was Amy Winehouse's minder.
My job was to keep her, not from drugs, but from bleaching her hair again.
At the same time I couldn't stop thinking I had to go back to the office to check on my email. I had sent an email from there when it should've been sent from my personal email. would I get a reply? Would I ever see that reply? would I have to wait for monday???
I hate these dreams!
Why can't they be all good?
And then the tour bus (Amy's) stopped somewhere and I went to take some photos to a bizarre garden and my camera was malfunctioning! Grrrrrrrrrr!

see what I mean?

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Restelo said...

That was a very bad dream!! I bet it's a tough job keeping crazy Amy from doing what she wants to do!! Anyway, I also think she looks better as a brunette.