Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Santa

The first thing I want to ask you is to make Dave get his head together.
The other thing, because I was a good girl this year and I always behave, I don't binge drink, I don't drink at all or do nasty things, is in this little list so you can get inspired.
I did a few courses, did well with my job, helped many old ladies to cross the street and did very GOOD photos.

If my presents are still in the shop, please bare in mind that I have recently fell in love with pencil skirts. They suit me and I need skirts to wear with my new boots.
here is a good example of what I mean:

I'm size 8

Another thing that I REALLY want are good rock t-shirts. like this Motorhead vintage t-shirt.
Please don't forget that I use make up everyday for the office. My blush has disintegrated and I need some new eyeshadows.

And as it it very important to get to the train station on time every day, which is happening less often, I need a new watch. My Swatch is getting old, delaying 5 minutes once in a while and I need a change. I'm tired of good old swatch. I saw this one on the Casio shop (carnaby street) if you go there, don't forget to buy one.
It must be black, you know me.

Other than that, some new noise-reduction headphones would be nice.
Oh and I want something to read but you can pick that.

Thanks for reading my letter. I promise to give some of my old toys (clothes) to charity shops, as I always do.


Zaka said...

Foge mulher... eu ando tão à nora com o meu mestrado que sinceramente nem sei o que é que EU gostaria de receber! :\
E confesso que sou das que ainda não comprou o teu presente! Aliás... sábado vai ser o dia de doidos a ir comprar meia dúzia de coisas!
Ah... e desculpa... estou em pânico absoluto... a defesa é amanhã!

expressodalinha said...

Bom solstício.