Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dead tired and report on xmas

I came back to London after spending the xmas week with the family.
Dear santa, next year please give me my own fortune so I can buy a plane and skip airport queues. I saw in Luton today that Harrods has it's own hangar. I imagine that it is not empty.

I left my parents' home at 10:30 am and it took 8 hours to get to NW London.
The flight itself is only 2:30 and it's impressive the time we waste with passport controls, baggage checks and other things of the kind.
I guess the idiot-officer that kindly asked me to put my things on a tray so they could be scanned thinks he'd better be working as a comedian.
I told him: let me just take the laptop out of the bag, please.
and with a nasty smile he goes: I will let you do whatever you want... related to your trip.
and he continued telling jokes more suitable to a lorry driver than to a police officer (or whatever he is).

I must think of a way to travel light.
If I didn't had to carry a rucksack I wouldn't be so tired now.
Or maybe I should just join a gym and build some muscles.

For those that don't know me, my understanding of Xmas is all about having the family and friends together, eating well and exchanging presents. I'm not a religious person but I was educated in Portugal, a country where the majority is a catholic. I don't celebrate the birth of christ or any of that. I just like the culture and tradition of it.

I notice that being away from the family and friends makes them more creative in what concerns to buying presents.
Néné gave me a "unforgetable experience" that I still have to chose from a huge catalogue, Zaka gave me a shopping bag (google for taschelino) that I will use to put some magazines by the sofa.
My folks, aunt and grandma gave me some dosh.
I also got some perfume, a jumper, a wonderful recipe book (that only talks about chocolate!), that watch I wanted and that t-shirt I wanted.
Henrique gave me the Pianist dvd, what a remarkable movie! I watched it on the plan today.
For myself I bought a new eyeliner, some books to read and some clothes.

I met with old friends, had lots of fun and I will miss them a lot.
Some friends I usually see when i go home and others I hadn't seen for three years now.
Carla has a 4 month old baby and Rakell is pregnant. My friends from childhood, whom I met when we were all 11 are mothers now and I'm so happy for them.
We all gathered at Célia's for her birthday's and mine's (2 days apart) where I was forced to try twice a head massager called orgasmatron.

This xmas was much better than the last one.
My friends are super! I love them all!

enough of blogging for today, as I said, I'm dead tired and I'm off to sleep.


Zaka said...

Pela parte que me toca, sinto-me grata por teres gostado de do saco, e principalmente to almoço onde sinceramente, me diverti imenso!

Beijo grande! Bom ano!

jojo said...

esse almoço foi demais! aliás sempre que a gente se junta há galhofa na certa!