Monday, October 8, 2007

Introduction do Curating

Today was a very important day.
I started the"Introduction to Curating" course at Central and Saint Martins and I really felt like I was going back to Uni. It wasn't at all like the painting courses I did before in the other art school where we sat painting and then went home and back again.
This time we have to study (i've got so much to read!), we have homework to do, we have to work in teams and it's all very exciting.
And the class is *very* multicultural or I rather say, international. In a group of 15 people there is only one english person.

message for dad: In the book list there's the On Photography - Susan Sontag, and I guess you're saying right now I told you so!


Zaka said...

Ora ainda bem que estás a curtir! Acredito que tenhas sentido aquela excitaçãozinha que eu senti quando tive a primeira aula de mestrado, depois de 4 anos sem estudar!
Boa sorte com isso...

E em relação ao Tio Paulo, espero que já lhe tenhas mandado um mail a contar. Ele deve gostar de saber... e... sobre ele, tens um recado no meu blog!


Schlumpy said...

I guess London in general is international... you don't find many british even in the street :))

Good luck with your studies!

Anonymous said...

I tink I get it now: There should be a comma in
(...) Susan Sontag "," and I (...).

Indeed, I've told you so.

batixa said...

last year, during the summer, I did the same course in the same school.
It was a different experience, and like your class only few people were from England.
Enjoy the course!

Zaka said...

Oh God... I'm the only one who write here in Portuguese?!

I'me reading Anne Rice "Witching Hour" in the original version (and there are 1208 pages to read, but only remain 200 for me to know the final) to learn how to write in english only giving 50 errors in each sentence, for you don't have the trouble to correct my mistakes. LOL

jojo said...

ó raite, ó raite!

Wask said...

Is it a short course or a full time course? I was at CSM yesterday to get info on a short course in Fashion Journalism I want to do...

jojo said...

short course - 8 weeks