Sunday, September 23, 2007

smoking lady

smoking lady
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Yesterday we went for a walk downtown London to see the new iPods (photos to be posted).
The Apple store was crowded as usual and the iPod Touch is sold out.
Pedro played with the ones displayed there and people were queuing to hold it like those in poor countries queue for bread.
The iPod touch is nice, good looking, has a *very* good image, BUT it's only a gadget.
and I still prefer the Nano. The new Nano is microscopic. Amazingly microscopic. It plays music and video in the same way that the Touch does AND it fits better in a lady's handbag :D.

After the Apple Store we went to see some other shops. While I browsed throw FCUK, pedro sat there very quietly playing with his console. And then we went back to Oxford St where I saw this lady lighting up her cigarette.
Although It's been a long time now since I shot my last postcard sometimes I still want to continue the series.
This is London Postcard #32

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Schlumpy said...

It's a nice picture. I think it would be even better if you would manage to get some no smoking signs in the background :))