Sunday, September 30, 2007

I hate bullfighting

This happened yesterday in Lisbon.
The bullfighter got very angry with the bull because it tried to hurt the horse. Will you imagine that?? How can a bull with his back in blood and pain try to hurt anyone????
So, in an act of courage, the guy just jumped to the arena and decided to take the bull by the horns. literally.
I only wish the bull had crushed half of his internal organs, broke a few ribs, and smashed his teeth.
Apparently the bull missed everything and only got him a few bruises.

Message to the bulls: UNITE against bullfighters.


Wask said...

obrigado pelo teu comentario, Joana.
Vou adicionar o teu blog ah lista dos que vejo assiduamente.. ja somos uma boa comunidade blogista de portugueses em Londres... Bem vinda tambem!!!

Zaka said...

Pois, é notoriamente conhecido o meu ódio pela tourada!
Por isso, as cornadas que falham os toureiros é que são de lamentar!

Schlumpy said...

Unfortunately those kind of actions happen between humans in certain regions of the globe... and I don't see anyone protesting!

Just look at Somalia, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Burma and other places...

Bullfighting is a tradition (I am not an aficionado) and it's only wrong for the 21st century blinded society that can see a crime in that tradition and not in mass murdering human beings.

In a way I even think that bullfighting in Portugal is quite fair. We have the forcados which is probably the most fair combat in bullfighting.

In Spain is more bloody.. but still, do you know how many bulls are killed in the spanish arenas per year? Believe me, it's much less than the people that faces death under guns produced by USA, UK, Russia, China and France!! It's even less than the people murdered in the streets of London!!!

What I'm trying to say is that I won't fight this cause if there is a much more important one to fight for in the first place!

But if asked I will answer: I don't like bullfighting. Besides I'm from the only district in Portugal where there is none bullfighting arena!!